Hello, my name is Juan De Dios

I'm a Developer Advisor Team Lead

My personal branding is based on the love I have for technology and being a team player. As a team leader, my Focus is on offering the best support and delivering good digital products for my clients. Without forgetting to keep my feet on the ground, I'm aware and capable of working side by side with the developer team on any task where my experience as a full stack developer

About Me

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer

I'm a Venezuelan guy and I have been living in Colombia for four years.

With 8+ years of experience developing software for the web with different technologies but recently focused in .NET, Angular, and Azure.

Resume Experience
Having 8 years Experience

Amazing experience with those companies

In the last three companies where I was working my stack has been in .NET/Angular/Azure. With the opportunity to Lead in one of them.

Before of that, I was working as a freelancer in Workana using different technologies depending on the project where I can highlight Bootstrap, Lavarel in PHP, Node/ExpressJS/MongoDB, Firebase, Ruby On Rails, etc.


Positive Thinking Company Latam

2023 - Present

Yuxi Global

2021 - 2022

Orbit Group Partners

2020 - 2021

Freelancer in Workana

2016 - 2020


What I can offer?

Web Application Development

Together we can build your idea on the web and deliver value for your clients.

Responsive Web Applications

With web applications that can adapt to different devices and platforms.

Azure Cloud Migration

Be online 24/7 moving all your current technology infrastructure to the cloud.

My Portfolio

Here you could check part of my work as a frontend and full stack developer and some web applications that are online.

(In Hallocasa, MyWorkPortal, and Amsted Digital Solution SCV projects I was part of the development team working with technologies such as Angular, Firebase, .NET, and Azure)

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Landing Page ISAT [Peru]
KEPO Web Page [Colombia]
AAA Web Page [Colombia]
AA Web Page [Colombia]
Full Stack
Finanzas En Pareja [Colombia]
Full Stack
HalloCasa [Germany]
Full Stack
MyWorkPortal [Europe]
Full Stack
Amsted Digital Solutions [USA]

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